Original Piano and Piano/Flute Music

Church Music Settings Include: For the Beauty of the Earth

This sheet music store features compositions of Don Shabkie — an active composer, church musician, classical pianist and Celtic harpist in Greenville, SC. Mr. Shabkie has received numerous commissions (see bio), and his skills as an improviser and performer are well-known.

This page has previously been a link to Don Shabkie's online music store. We are now beginning the process of making this sheet music available on this site. The catalogue below has music that will appear soon on this site. At present, the first musical selection available is For the Beauty of the Earth. This is a quasi-jazz arrangement for flute and piano. Also available for clarinet and piano, we offer this selection for free printing.

If you would like more information on Don Shabkie, go to the home page, which will direct you to different places on this site.


Settings Sacred Tunes for Flute and Piano

I. For the Beauty of the Earth


A quasi-jazz setting for flute and piano

II. Immortal Invisible (St. Denio )


Another abstract setting for flute and piano.


III. Jesus Christ Is Risen Today/Easter


This setting is for two trumpets and organ. It is designed to be played with congregational singing. There is an extended prelude, with an interlude between the last two verses. Also included is a choir descant on the last verse. This work has been the store's most popular item.

IV. Let All Mortal Flesh


A setting of this Advent/communion melody. Scored for handbells, viola, and oboe. Alternate parts are available.